One Kind Of Odd Thing About My Boyfriend
One Kind Of Odd Thing

A memoir about marriage, methamphetamine & mental illness

By Stephanie Rosenfeld & Luciano Colonna

My story of our marriage was: We were two people who had overcome some significant damage in our lives, suffered setbacks, and failed to jump onto conventional paths, but, luckily, had found each other; and together, we were going to create something good. We’d sit at the dinner table planning our future together. We were counting on being late-bloomers. -SR

It’s impossible to think your way out of a mental illness. So you have to work with what you got. Pictures and voices swirl around the inside of your head, bouncing against your skull, trying to escape. It’s inscrutable but you own it. It’s yours and yours alone. It keeps you from learning and behaving properly. You’re like a guest in your relationships. Watching and advising yourself. I took what I had and I molded it into something I could work with, something I rode into town on around sunset, leaving before anyone woke up. -LC

This Is Your Marriage On Drugs is a memoir about marriage, methamphetamine and mental illness. A collaboration between Luciano Colonna and Stephanie Rosenfeld, please visit us at Medium to read more short stories, essays and novel excerpts by Stephanie and please, email us at

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